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I know there are people that don’t want any kind of revive system in the game at all and I personally do not think these systems belong into Ranked or Comp, but I do think we absolutely need it in normal matches and I’m happy to see the devs agreeing.

A revive system in PUBG has one goal.
Allow teams to play more together.

I honestly think that the current systems fail to achieve this goal, because of the way they work. I personally feel like these systems should never keep a team alive. Meaning that if everyone else is dead or knocked, the last person up should die instantly. Regardless if anyone has Self-AED or if one of the teammates is in CBR. Also if the team outside is dead, players from the CBR should not be allowed to return.

These current systems make it more likely for a team to partially survive fights, rather than being able to reset after a fight and I feel like that’s the opposite of the goal. For normal matches, it’s more valuable to be in a new game together, than part of the team sitting and watching for up to 30 minutes.

In solos, the Self-AED breaks the whole game. While it can be funny at times, it can also make the game unfairly luck based in a massive way, for example, I technically had 5 lives in one game:

Another huge issue with these systems is that they create uncertainty in the team modes, as you are never quite sure if the team is totally dead or not. I personally feel like you should always be able to confirm you have killed the enemy team by the last person dying instantly.

I’m one of the people that hasn’t killed knocked players that often before, but since the Self-AED was introduced, you can’t really leave a knocked enemy alive and go take a “fair fight” with the rest of the team. Because you never know if they are just going to revive themselves. This has shifted at least my thinking more towards flushing. Meaning that even if they win, they have no chance of getting to play together longer.

I’m not naive enough to think that there wouldn’t be flushing in the game without Self-AED, but the fact is that it actively works against the goal of these systems.

Upcoming revive system

I don’t have an answer for what exactly I would want it to be, and I’m sure everyone in the community has their own opinions and ideas… including some people not wanting it in the game at all. However, I do have a few hopes about how it works and how I feel like it would achieve the goal of allowing teams to play longer together.

  • It should require a teammate that has access to your body(crate) to revive you.
  • It should be balanced to be possible after a fight, not during an active one.
  • It should not disrupt the flow of the gameplay, or at least as little as possible.
  • As it works towards the goal of these systems, it should replace the current systems, not be an additional system.
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