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I’m streaming on Twitch
Friday-Sunday starting at 6PM (EEST)

I’m PC-gamer focusing on FPS games and at the moment PUBG. I love talking about and trying new games and there will be a variety of games on stream.

I stream mainly PUBG, but I will play variety or games and Sundays are always dedicated to #SoloSunday


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Remaking PUBG Weapon Mastery and Battlestat skins

Weapon mastery is being updated this year, and I think there’s a solution for Battlestats weapons that is connected and better for everyone. Let’s go through the problems and then the suggested solution. Currently, weapon mastery and Battlestat are totally separate features. Weapon mastery tracks total defeats with every weapon, while Battlestat is bound to specific skin. The problem with skin-specific kill tracking is that it locks players to using that specific skin and people do not want to get new skins for a skin that they have put so much effort into. This means that the current system is…

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How I became a PC gamer

I got my first computer in 1996 (I think) from a family friend when he got a new one from work. It had an Intel 386 processor with a whopping 33 MHz clock speed. It had Windows 3.1 and yes, it was seriously out-dated already. I had two games for it “Digger” and “Bond”.

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How to change NVIDIA control panel language to English

While the NVIDIA control panel supports many languages, it also forces you to use the same language as Windows is (if the language is supported). The only way to change the language is by editing the Windows registry and that’s not a thing I would recommend people to play with unless you know what you are doing. So, just like in the 90s. We have to have an executable registry editing file on our desktop, that we run after every time we update our NVIDIA GPU drivers.

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I’ve been hobbyist photographer for years. More and more games have photomode (or a freefly camera is scriptable) so I have been able to combine my two hobbies. I have already taken thousands of “photos” in games and the good ones are posted on my Flickr. atm shots from over 30 games.