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50+ hours into Immortals Fenyx Rising I couldn’t make this jumping puzzle. I knew it wasn’t impossible, but I tried 40-50 times and always managed to fumble my keys. It was honestly getting annoying and frustrating

…Before I changed 1 thing…

The problem was that it requires us to use skills, that are by default middle mouse button [MMB] + 1/2/3/4/e

That combined with WASD movement, Shift for speed, and tapping R for gliding.

Became Shift + W + [MMB] + 4 while also aiming and timing. It was just too much for my brain 😓

I thought about the problem and found way way more intuitive keybinds for the skills and while this specific puzzle just needed one of the skills, I’m so much happier with the controls now!

First of all, I copied the Ability widget bind to my mouse’s thumb button and then I bound the skills to contextually meaningful buttons.

Hephaistos’s Hammer
used to be [MMB]+[1]
became [thumb]+mouse1 (attack)
So now I can just add in the modifier to get a stronger attack

Athena’s Dash
used to be [MMB]+[2]
became [thumb]+alt (dodge)
So now I can dodge and add in the modifier to get an attack dash

Ares’s Wrath
used to be [MMB]+[4]
became [thumb]+space (jump)
So now I can just add in the modifier to get spike attack and a lift

Phosphor’s Abilities
used to be [MMB]+[3]
became [thumb]+[Q]
This one isn’t contextual, it’s just location-based but works way better than the default. Also Herakles’s Strength, I left to [E]

When I leave the keybind menu, I do now get an “Invalid Controls” error. But that’s because the menu doesn’t understand that my new binds require the Melee Widget button to also be pressed.

In the end, I’m way more happier with the keybinds, they work way better with my head and after changing them I did the jumping puzzle first try!! Literally!

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