Remaking PUBG Weapon Mastery and Battlestat skins

Weapon mastery is being updated this year, and I think there’s a solution for Battlestats weapons that is connected and better for everyone. Let’s go through the problems and then the suggested solution.

Currently, weapon mastery and Battlestat are totally separate features. Weapon mastery tracks total defeats with every weapon, while Battlestat is bound to specific skin.

The problem with skin-specific kill tracking is that it locks players to using that specific skin and people do not want to get new skins for a skin that they have put so much effort into. This means that the current system is even worse for PUBG Corp, because people who care about Battlestat are also more likely to buy skins, and they are losing those sales.

There are 2 different looks for the Battlestat module. The more realistic one and then the holographic. Both of these could be easily added to any skin, for the weapons that already have at least one Battlestat skin.

The solution

Weapon mastery tracks total defeats with every weapon and that number is shown on the battlestat. This way players are free to move between weapon skins without fear of losing out on stats.

Add a Battlestat module slot for skins. If the skin has a Battlestat module, there is a counter on that skin. All current Battlestat skins get a free Battlestat module.

New Battlestat modules could be sold in-store and the Battlestat exchange kit currently on sale could be used to take out the Battlestat module from the skin and move it to another weapon.

For players

this would mean that any weapon skin could become a Battlestat skin, and we would be able to change between skins and still show off our weapon-specific kills.

For PUBG Corp

this would mean that they can sell an additional Battlestat module for every old skin with minimal effort.

I honestly think it would be a win-win solution.

By SnakeDrone

I have been playing games for over 20 years spending thousands of hours in games. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I like, what I don’t and also what games are out there.

I’m not a game developer, but I do like to talk about game mechanics and ideas behind them. Also sometimes I might take screenshots worth sharing.

So that’s what this site is. A place for me to post longer thoughts about games and sometimes (hopefully) pretty pictures.

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