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The Division’s biggest problem in the storyline after the campaign has been the restrictions created by the online element. The open-world is the same for everyone and also has to cater to new players, coming into the game possible years after the launch. As a result of this, while there have been updates to the game over the years, every building and every street looks now exactly as it did, when I first stepped into Manhattan. Basically, the only changes permanent changes we could see were inside the Base of Operations and whatever the character was carrying.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have over 400 hours in-game and actually I would be fine with just having more of the same in a new environment, but that doesn’t mean things couldn’t be better.

The Division 2 takes us to about 6 months forward and to Washington D.C. People are in progress in rebuilding the city. On the tech side, it still has the same limitation, but is everything lost or are there things that could be done to make it feel different, a more lively city?

I have ideas about what I would love to see in The Division 2. Unfortunately, I do understand that if they aren’t already in the game, they won’t be in the release, even if the devs love the ideas. I’m way too late for that.

Character customization

The first game had very limited character customization options for a game like this. I would love to see more full-fledged customization including face characteristics, hair, facial hair options, and arm and leg tattoos, because of T-shirts. ..and maybe even shorts?

Gear variety is at a good level already, but I would like to see the possibility of color skins on everything, not just the backpack and clothes. Also, it would be nice if clothes would have separate options for color and style, so you don’t have 1000 turtlenecks with the color being the only difference.

And then as the cherry on top, custom character names!

A place to call home

In the first one, the only thing you could customize to look the way you wanted was your character and sure, 99% of the game you’re running around the map, but it would be nice to have a place to call home.

It could just be a place where you would have “physical” versions of your badges and maybe some keepsakes from the campaign. And obviously some kind of gameplay-related reason to visit it sometimes, like crafting-bench or something (whatever is in the game in general). Maybe it could be the only place you can change your clothes.

As a technical solution, this could be instanced to the squad leader, so you could actually show it off to your friends too. (Changing own clothes would still be available for all)

If you want to call all out there could be multiple locations and you need to choose one.

Growing world

We already know there are going to be friendly and enemy strongholds. So I would love to see them grow as we progress through the game and/or in the endgame with the world tiers (or whatever replaced it)

Not only would they get harder to invade because of the increased enemy levels, but they would be (at least) visually retrofitted with more security and barricades and such, in response to the threat from us (the division agents) and obviously in case of the friendly strongholds, against the higher level gangs.

Stronghold takeovers

in the first game, we always have the same missions available to us. While I know strongholds are a thing in The Division 2, I have no idea of how many there are, or if they have missions in them already, but I do have an idea about that.

The weekly missions could be to clear out an enemy stronghold and then for example few weeks that stronghold would be friendly until one of the enemy factions took it over again. It could actually even be a different faction.

The timetable obviously needs to change depending on how many strongholds actually make into the game.

The strongholds friendly/enemy status would be the same for everyone and the assault would be replayable during the week.

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