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It’s that time of the year. The Steam Autumn sale is at full Steam and that also means that The Steam Awards 2018 nominations are open. Here are my nominations and why I wanted to nominate them.

This was posted first to my Twitter as a thread, although I might expand a few of these over the weekend. 280 characters just aren’t enough for some of these.

The “Game of the Year” Award

Crystal Dynamics keeps pushing the tech and the story forward, making one of my favorite series better and better. There was no question, my nomination for the Steam Awards, Game of the Year is Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

 The “VR Game of the Year” Award

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, but it has been by far the best VR experience I have had this year. Great tech, content to play AND a story?? Still rare on VR, and so It’s my nomination for Steam Awards VR Game of the Year!

The “Labor of Love” Award

After one of history’s rockiest beginning. Hello Games has stuck with No Man’s Sky and kept updating it with free updates, showing the world that it wasn’t just a cash crab. I think they deserve this year’s Steam Awards Labor of Love award!

The “Best Developer” Award

There’re so many things to like about them. Their games look amazing, I never have had any major issues and their support of their current games is exemplary. Not for the first time, my nomination for the Steam Awards Best Developer is Klei!

The “Best Environment” Award

While people are important, controlling the environment is vital in this game. With one of the most advanced ecosystems in games that I have seen and booting it with awesome visuals. I nominate Oxygen Not Included for the Steam Awards Best Environment!

The “Better with Friends” Award

Not released this year, but this year has hammered into me very well the idea that this game is better with friends and it’s also not just because “everything is better with friends” and so my nomination for the Steam Awards Better with Friends award is PUBG!


The “Best Alternate History” Award

I had a hard time figuring out what game to nominate for the Steam Awards Best Alternate History award, not because there weren’t good games, but what are the ones that I would accept into that category. I think I can get away with We Happy Few!

The “Most Fun with a Machine” Award

It’s a couple years old game, but it’s such a fun game and still one of my most played games weekly, so how could I nominate anything else for the Steam Awards Most Fun with a Machine award than Rocket League?! Does Rocket Pass count as a new thing?

You can nominate your favorites too!

If you agree or not you can nominate your favorite too until NOV 27TH 10 AM (PACIFIC) at Steam Award Nominations

Note that on Steam games could be nominated and as this is a yearly thing, I personally try to keep it fresh with newer titles.

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