My wishlist for PUBG updates

I love PUBG, but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Here are 5 things I think could be better, May 2019 edition.

Destruction upgrade

Everyone who has driven in PUBG knows to look out for anything in front because anything can cause a sudden unwanted stop and usually cause damage to the vehicle and all of the passengers. When it’s a brick wall or a rock that’s fine… but when it’s a stack of empty cardboard boxes you can’t help but feel a little annoyed. The same cardboard boxes also stop bullets. Another one is the wooden railings that are impenetrable with bullets, in cases where they should break from bullet or two.

There’s already destruction physics on some items like doors and wood fences and this should be expanded to include a wider variety of items.

Multiple-selection for maps on matchmaking

At the moment we can only choose the Quick join that includes all the maps or a single map to matchmake for. There are time that Quick join gives us the same map multiple times in a row. It would be great to choose multiple maps for matchmaking.

End screen stats for the whole squad

The end screen currently only shows your own stats, not even if the game was a solo, duo or a squad game. It would be great to see the stats for everyone and a total of the team.

Map specific costume sets

Some people like to blend in to the environments and some just would like to look fitting with t-shirt in the warm maps and winter coat in Vikendi and some just like the variety. This isn’t practically doable at the moment. It would be nice to be able to make (optinal) costume sets for each map separately.

The obvious stuff

Obviously, also keep working on balancing and performance. At some point in the future, I would love to see another map added.

By SnakeDrone

I have been playing games for over 20 years spending thousands of hours in games. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I like, what I don’t and also what games are out there.

I’m not a game developer, but I do like to talk about game mechanics and ideas behind them. Also sometimes I might take screenshots worth sharing.

So that’s what this site is. A place for me to post longer thoughts about games and sometimes (hopefully) pretty pictures.

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